The Common Causes of Mold in Your Horry County Home

Mold comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors imaginable. You might find a white patch growing in your garage, an orange film in the kitchen drain, or, even worse, a fuzzy black spot after serious water damage. Whatever the case, mold is no laughing matter. It’s a serious problem affecting countless Horry County homeowners throughout the year. Mold isn’t harmless, either. Depending on the type, the growth may release mycotoxins into the air that cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, or respiratory infections. Your home and health are at risk.Let’s learn more about the common causes of mold and what can be done to stop the problem for good. Our best recommendation is professional mold remediation.

Common Causes of Household Mold in Horry County

Mold requires a few key factors to grow, which include:

  • Mold spores (found in every environment on the planet)
  • Food source (wood, drywall, paper, cotton, etc.)
  • Darkness (mold does not grow in ultraviolet light)
  • Warmth (mold cannot grow in cold temperatures)
  • Oxygen
  • Moisture (water leaks, humidity, storm damage)
  • Time (mold needs 24-48 hours to grow under the proper conditions)

Now, let’s explore a few of the common causes in greater depth.

Humidity – One of the most prevalent causes of mold is excess humidity within the home. Humid weather is common for the Grand Strand and Horry County, and outdoor conditions can quickly lead to mold issues inside. You can combat this with an air conditioning system or dehumidifier.

  • Water Leaks – A water leak anywhere in your home provides the perfect breeding ground for mold. The most common are roof leaks, leaking pipes, and water coming in through the foundation.
  • Poor Ventilation – A home requires proper ventilation in a few key areas, including the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and attic. Without ventilation, the stale air settles on hard surfaces and creates a warm, sticky environment, which is perfect for mold growth.
  • Flooding – If there is ever a flood, the water damage alone is considerable. However, the underlying damage, including mold, can be just as bad. With flooding, you have under 48 hours to act before mold begins to grow.

When it comes to dealing with mold, your eyes and sense of smell are your best tools available. Often, a persistent mold infestation will release a foul mildew-like odor into the air. The closer you are to the growth, the stronger the smell. In time, you’ll even be able to see the growth and note its color and appearance.

At the first sign of a mold infestation in your home, call the experts at Restoration 1 of Horry County. We offer 24-hour mold remediation and cleanup services to tackle even black mold. Call 843-279-2662.

About The Author

Jake Gervin is the president of Restoration 1 of Horry County. Jake and his team of professionals are all certified by the IICRC and have years of experience in home and commercial restoration.