Water Damage Restoration

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Living in the Grand Strand offers scenic beauty but exposes you to the risk of severe weather. Whether it’s a storm or a burst pipe, coping with water damage can be overwhelming and stressful. Restoration 1 of Horry County empathizes with your situation and is here to assist. Our water damage restoration services cater to the urgent needs of residential and commercial property owners, as well as property managers.

24/7 Emergency Service

We’re available 24/7 to combat water damage in your home or business. Our certified team immediately gets to work with  professionalism and efficiency.

We Work With Your Insurance

Our experts have experience working with all insurance companies in the area and will communicate with your insurer on your behalf.

Above & Beyond

Our team is IICRC certified and are able to address your water damage concerns in a timely manner. We can even treat contamination and mold growth, too.

water splashing from broken pipe

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

We understand that facing water damage in your home or business can be a stressful experience. At Restoration 1, our aim is to promptly and efficiently address the damage, restore the property, and prevent potential long-term issues like mold growth and structural deterioration.
Our normal process is as follows:

The Restoration 1 Promise

The 3 Steps You Need to Take To Restore Your Property Right


Call Now

We come equipped and ready to tackle water damage of varying degrees.


We Do the Work

We’ll take care of the cleanup so you don’t have to.



You can focus on other important matters knowing the water damage is taken care of.

We Got You Covered

Water damage can occur from a number of sources in a modern property. You’ve got extensive plumbing networks running throughout your home, a storm overhead that can lead to a hole in the roof, etc. We provide services to clean and restore the following areas that are affected by water damage:

Ceiling: If there is a burst pipe or a slow plumbing leak in the ceiling, you’ll eventually notice the circular stain forming overhead. We’re trained to reverse this damage and treat the source, too.

Wall: If wall water damage is left alone, the damage will soak right through the wallpaper or paint and cause them to peel. It doesn’t take long for mold to start growing.

Floor: Depending on the type of water ordeal, you might notice your floor taking the brunt of the damage. From an appliance leak to a burst pipe, flood damage is very real. It soaks into hardwood, carpet, vinyl, and other types of flooring, leaving behind a mess.

Here In Your Time Of Need

Our team of dedicated water damage restoration experts will be there in your time of need. If you experience anything from a leak to a flood in your residential or commercial properties, our team will arrive equipped and ready to begin the mitigation process. If you’re in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas, be sure to give Restoration 1 of Horry County a call.