Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover My Property Damage?

The sound of a leaky faucet can keep you up at night. So too, can the thought of whether or not that leaky faucet is something that is covered by your homeowner’s insurance.Your Horry County home is your castle, and you need to do all that you can to protect it. That doesn’t mean building […]

Tips For Homeowners That Need To File A Water Damage Insurance Claim

After enduring freezing temperatures in Horry County in March this year, most of us know and understand how typical water damage is for homeowners. Yup, extreme winter weather in South Carolina and around the country can result in snow and frost, leading to frozen and burst pipes. In fact, according to the Insurance Information Institute, […]

Restoration 1 of Horry County Can Help You With Fire Damage Repair

Did you know that in 2019 there were approximately 1.3 million fires across the U.S? These fires resulted in billions of dollars of damage and thousands of injuries. That is a frightening statistic, one able to wake us up to the fact that fires – whether human-made or from a natural disaster – are more […]

Tips to Keeping Your Classroom Clean During COVID-19

With vaccine rollouts and stats slowly dropping across the US, the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be becoming more and more manageable. Needless to say, our lives will be forever changed and virus disinfection and sanitization practices are here to stay. And one place where sanitization and disinfection will need to remain firmly in place is […]

Best Practices for Keeping Offices Clean in Horry County

Currently, we are still in the midst of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. In what seems like a dark cloud of uncertainty, what we do know is that we all need to be prepared, personally and professionally, to fight against infectious viruses and diseases.  So, let’s learn from past experiences and do our best to combat […]

Winterizing Your Home in Horry County

Winter is a magical time for many. For others, it is a period of problems. The ensuing snowfall, dropping temperatures, and ice-covered roads make for one emergency after another. This winter, regardless of where you call home, consider winterizing your home to prepare for severe weather. Here in Horry County, it’s not uncommon for a […]

Why North Myrtle Beach Businesses Need a Top-Rated Restoration and Cleaning Company

Running a business is already challenging enough without the need for commercial restoration and cleanup services. When you do find yourself in a predicament that requires such services, hiring only the best will suffice. You need a top-rated restoration company in North Myrtle Beach who understands water and fire damage or mold growth.But why would you hire […]

Our Holiday Fire Safety Tips in Conway Will Let You Enjoy Holiday Cooking for Once | Restoration 1 of Horry County

Before life can throw you a curveball, take a proactive stance against holiday cooking fires with our expert fire safety tips. Don’t you deserve a carefree, fun-filled holiday? We all do. By focusing on fire safety in the kitchen, you can avoid long-term property damage and a grinding halt to the festivities.Restoration 1 of Horry […]

How to Prevent Water Damage Caused by Your Horry County Home Hot Water Heater

Many of the appliances you rely on in your home each day are ticking time-bombs when it comes to water damage. Many homeowners also don’t think much about your hot water heater. But hot water heaters eventually fail, and when they do, they can cause significant water damage. In some cases, you might wind up with […]

Worry Less in Conway with These Fire Safety Tips and Tricks for the Holidays

We’re all about to be bogged down with the holidays. It’s easy to forget that fire damage is so prevalent this time of the year. By learning fire safety tips and tricks specifically for the holiday season, you can worry less and enjoy time with your family more! Seasonal Fire Safety According to Lorraine Carli, vice president of […]