How to File an Insurance Claim After Water Damage in Horry County

Coverage for water damagecan be confusing when it comes to filing insurance claims. Because water damage coverage is circumstantial, it’s crucial to look into your individual policy before making any moves. Should you choose to move forward with an approved claim, you will receive two forms of compensation: dwelling and personal property coverage. These can prove […]

Five Reasons to Hire a Professional Water Damage Restoration Company in Horry County

When it comes to work around the home, we’re just like you: we’re always looking for opportunities to save money, and we typically consider a DIY method before calling in the professionals. But, when it comes to a serious challenge like water damage, it can prove to be much too large of a job to […]

How Your Home in Horry County Could Be Affected by Water Damage

Water damage is quite a common occurrence in residential homes throughout the country. Despite its prominence, water damage can escalate and worsen over time because many do not understand how it affects their property. Most homeowners are unprepared for water in their home. Despite what many may think, you should not handle water damage cleanup […]